Torn Horizon

Unexpected encounters

The Wasteland Drifters’ caravan was slowly heading towards a “Destination Unknown”, until they spotted the silhouette of a distant city in the horizon. Halfway there, their engines began coughing a tell-tale sign that the fuel was running low. They were forced to make a camp in a hurry, but fortunately found a reasonably safe chasm for this purpose, allowing them to hide their mother-ship from curious eyes. While the rest of the caravan’s crew stayed behind, a group of three seasoned scavengers was dispatched to investigate the city by foot, and to bring back anything they find usable. As much as they can carry, if possible.
Not long after the group had entered deeper into the ruins of the city, they heard shouts ahead, implying a large force of people looking for something — or someone. Fortunately, the groups’ paths were not in immediate crash course and the adventurers were able to continue — obviously to an opposite direction. Shortly after, they heard sounds of electric humming, and they investigated its’ source, finding an abandoned medical clinic, where they found an addled halfling, claiming to be a doctor.

Soon after, Templar Inquisition’s troops stormed the medical clinic and opened fire at the team of scavengers, in order to eliminate an unexpected threat and subjugate their target. After a lengthy battle, the Inquisition fell victim to their poor planning, narrow corridors, and a clever use of smoke grenade.

As the situation calmed down, the three – now four – scavengers were able to catch up, and found out that the Templars, an organization often spoken about with well-earned dread, were after the halfling, for currently unknown reasons.


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