Torn Horizon is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy campaign, set in a homebrew world, using Starfinder® (Starfinder SRD) rules.

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The world is ravaged beyond recognition. The people of once thriving and technologically advanced civilization are now scattered in the encroaching wilderness which has all of a sudden become dangerously violent place. Centuries ago, a cataclysm tore the very reality itself to pieces and caused a global catastrophy that transformed not only the wilderness but the people as well to formerly unknown species. Humans of old were mutated in various ways which eventually led to new races and societal norms to evolve. Now, the descendants of humans and their former servants, the androids, have been left to survive on their own. The wilderness is littered with the ruins of now ancient civilization, abundant with scraps of ancient technology, some of which are still more or less intact and functioning, and some that are far less so.


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House Rules:

Move Your Speed: When you use Move Action to Move Your Speed, you can take any action except Full Actions at any point during your movement. Note, this house rule replaces the following feats: Agile Casting, Shot on the Run, and Spring Attack

Organisations, Groups and Factions

Knights Templar
Ancient Order of Bards

Other Myriad Topics


Torn Horizon

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